Sunday, May 14, 2006

Limestone Brae East

'Limestone Brae East' is my railway shed. Here's a picture of it that I took about a year ago on the day that I completed the HO loop around the garden. My ancient and trusty Athearn SD9 has just completed the 'opening ceremony' by making a grand circuit of the property.

Neat eh? There's not a lot of space in Japanese gardens as a rule but the 'up side' is that timber - especially cedar - is much cheaper than in the UK.

Last year I did a lot of 'tail-chasing' of trains around the circuit to run in stock that had lived in boxes for years, but so far this year my schedule has made it hard to spend time playing trains. But this month I'll make an effort.

In the shed one side has a station layout and the other a lot of work benches and storage. There's also a small loop around the interior to test stock out on if it rains.

My stock is a mixture of American and British stuff collected over years. I'll show you some of it soon.


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