Monday, August 14, 2006

2851 "Sunderland"

Here's an interesting story about LNER Class B17/4 that I spotted today on page 112 of "Locomotives of the LNER" Part 2b that will interest Norman as a "Sunderland Boy" himself.

The B17/4 4-6-0's were named after football teams (that's 'soccer' to you Eddie!), a series that included 2851 "Derby County" and 2854 "Sunderland".

In 1937 Sunderland got through to the Cup Final at Wembley and a special train was laid on from the north-east to London for the team and supporters. The LNER, bless them, decided that 'their team' would be pulled by 2851 "Sunderland".

But the problem was that the locomotive was in several pieces in Gorton works for a major overhaul. There was no chance of getting it back together in time so they sneakily took 2854 "Derby County" over to the works and swapped over the name plates! Right name but wrong number ...

It did the trick. Sunderland won the cup that year

I couldn't find a picture of 2851 or 2854 but here's a nice picture of 2871 "Manchester City" at Nottingham Victoria station.


At 5:19 PM, August 14, 2006, Blogger Eddie said...

Hi Iain.
This is indeed, a very nice looking express passenger steam locomotive. I have always enjoyed the 4-6-0 type of steam locomotive. From what I have seen, the L.N.E.R took great pride in their locomotive designs.

Thank You.


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