Thursday, August 17, 2006

At the Junction

Here's the Japanese version of a scene that might please gricers the world over. It's taken at Sakura, a town about 12 miles away where our single track Sobu Line parts from the line to Narita and heads south. Actually in theory we are the 'main line' as we were built first but since the airport was constructed the Narita line has a half hourly express service and is double tracked.

Class 113 train S66 is waiting at platform two on a hot Sunday evening, air compressors ticking away and aircon units running at full notch with those doors open. It's waiting 'in the hole'. In a moment a 'Narita Express' will roar through on the adjacent platform to the left and then this train will be on it's way as service 465M, all-stations to Choshi via Narita.

This is a station full of interest and activity and it would make a great model in 'N' gauge. Maybe one day!


At 5:57 PM, August 17, 2006, Blogger Eddie said...

Nice photograph Iain.
I love seeing trains in the evening. There is something "Magical" about evening train scenes for Railfans or Gricers the world over.
Good choice again.

Thank You.

By the way, I have just uploaded some photographs of the Kiddieland Amusement Park train in Melrose Park Illinois. This Miniature train is painted in Espee Daylight colors. I thought You might like seeing this.


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