Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gricing at Stenkrith

Here's another picture straight out of my childhood, taken I'd guess around 1954. The vantage point is a bridge on the lane between Kirkby Stephen and Nateby and if you walked up the hill a few hundred yards you would come to my grandfather's house.

In the foreground the train is crossing a bridge over the River Eden which is in a small limestone gorge here. The place is known as Stenkrith and is a well known spot for having picnics, walking the dog and the like.

I'd guess this is the afternoon train for Darlington. It's just left Kirkby Stephen East Station which is beyond the bridge in the distance. The J21 on the point is taking it easy but the engine 'banking' at the back - probably one of the 'Mickey Mouses' I mentioned a couple of days ago - is working hard. As soon as the train is past the camera the 1:60 begins and both engines will be straining against the hill.

Lovely gricing eh? You can't find it like this any more.


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